A Leader With A Different - Okoroafor-Odi Joy.

A Leader With A Different – Okoroafor-Odi Joy

A Leader With A Different – Okoroafor-Odi Joy. 


She is gentle and meek
She can sacrifice her needs to meet her neighbours end
She  like things to done the way it ought to be done
She loves meeting up standard
She is quite approachable
All this above qualities was seen in practice when she was a one time course rep and up till now the lecturers who thought us that level still acknowledge her good works.
She is an active clinician
Was in the set that saw to the success of the just concluded Nulai client interview competition.
She is also an active clasfonite
In fact she is really in the faculty n had played part in the faculty’s politics at different level.
So many to say about her.
All we believe is in social change and woman empowerment.

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