Amber Rose Speaks On Why She Walks Around Her Son N*ked (Watch Video).

Amber Rose Speaks On Why She Walks Around Her Son N*ked (Watch Video)

Amber Rose Speaks On Why She Walks Around Her Son N*ked

Amber Rose is all for female empowerment, and she wants her son to learn about it at an early age. Us Weekly caught up with the 34-year-old model earlier this month at the Safe Space and EverlyWell’s Wellness Lounge event in California where she opened up about raising her young son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, to be comfortable around and respect the female body.

The SlutWalk founder, whose cause aims to help raise awareness about gender inequality, spoke candidly about what it’s like raising a little boy in today’s society and how Sebastian has “no choice” but to be respectful to women.
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“He’s [growing] up to be a male feminist and respect women,” she told Usof the child she shares with ex Wiz Khalifa. “‘I always have this dream where my son is in school and his friends are like, ‘Man, she’s a hoe.’ Or, ‘What’s up with these hoes?’ And my son is gonna be like, ‘You can’t say that. Like, what?’ Cause he’s gonna be raised in a house with me, where it’s … just unheard of.

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As for how she’s incorporating these lessons into Sebastian’s everyday life, she replies: “Well he just turned 5. But I do have, like, naked women all over my house. Like, pictures of vaginas, full-on vaginas. And so, like, my son, he sees so much and I’m very free with my body.”

She continued: “I walk around naked around my son all the time. I don’t stop him when he walks in a room, I don’t go, ‘Don’t come in! Mommy’s getting changed!’ I don’t make it a bad thing where he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry!’ It’s just like, ‘Oh, my mom’s naked. Who cares.’ You know what I mean?”

Rose explained that Sebastian is already knowledgeable about female body parts and even educates his friends. “‘When his friends come over for playdates, they’re like, ‘What!’ They’re looking at all the pictures and stuff, but, like, my son says, ‘It’s a vagina. That’s where babies come from.’ My son knows about periods. He knows all that. He knows everything.”

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