Ant McPartlin's last appearance on Britain's Got Talent left viewers emotional


The TV presenter appeared in his last episode of the season last night.

Watchers say goodbye to Ant McPartlin the previous evening after his last pre-recorded scene of Britain’s Got Talent at long last circulated.

Subterranean insect ventured far from the show not long ago after he was captured for drink-driving after a mishap in London, be that as it may, try out scenes recorded a year ago have been showing up on our screens over the past number of weeks.

The previous evening, watchers shared their well-wishes for Ant on Twitter and everything got somewhat passionate.

So, tonight is the last time we’ll see Ant McPartlin on Britain’s Got Talent,” wrote one fan.

“Even though he’s clearly done a terrible thing, I think you can’t be punished forever for something and I hope he manages to bounce back with time. “

However, many viewers also made sure to throw their support behind Dec Donnelly who will now host the live shows on his own.

“We know Dec will do the live shows brilliantly and the pair will be back soon,” one person wrote.

Ant checked himself into the rehab facility after he pleaded guilty to drink-driving and was fined £86,000 and given a 20-month driving ban.

Ant was forced to pull out of numerous appearances and hosting duties in the wake of the accident.


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