#BBNiaja: Former Housemate, Khloe Goes Braless In New Photos


#BBNiaja: Former Housemate, Khloe Goes Braless In New Photos. 

 Former big brother niaja housemate, Khloe has shared some very stunning make-up photos of herself on social media.

Several photos of her been braless has poped up after her eviction as the former housemate shows how much comfortable she is without a bra.

Here is what she wore to the BBNaija welcome party;

She obviously does not care what people say about her dressing as she hasn’t replied any troll preying on her outfits yet.

She shared the photos with a captivating caption well wtitten.

Here is what she wrote;

If I could be someone,
Who could I be?

My mother, my father,
or someone who’s free.

I wish I could be someone
Whose different in all ways.

Someone whose rich or famous,
Or has those days.

If I could be someone,
I would choose to be free.

Free from rants and the Media,
Choose to be filled with joy and glee.

If I could be someone,
I know exactly who to be…

Unique and different from all,
I would choose to be me.

See photos below;




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