Cardi B Responds To Funk Flex & The Haters With Sarcastic Message

Cardi B Threatens To Drop Her Baby and Fight A Hater

Cardi B Responds To Funk Flex & The Haters With Sarcastic Message

Can’t stand rappers who don’t write they shit,” Funk Flex said before going on to name drop Cardi B. “Cardi’s consistently getting somebody else to write her shit,” he added. Flex’s harsh critique came just days after Cardi’s other foe, Nicki Minaj, opened upabout Cardi not being genuine in any of her interviews, and not believing all was good between them.

Cardi B caught wind of the recent shade she’s been receiving, and decided to respond to the haters on Wednesday with a little message. She said;

“Hey everybody can y’all please stop watching my videos. Can you guys stop talking about me. Can you guys please stop listening to my music. I deserve to be a stripper. My mom don’t deserve to live in a crib. My child don’t deserve to have a good life. I don’t deserve no money. I deserve to be in the Bronx,” she sarcastically said to the haters“I hope this shit make you niggas richer. I hope this shit y’all blow it up. I hope this makes y’all happy. Im just trying to make everybody’s dreams come true. Even my haters, there you go.”

While Cardi doesn’t technically name drop Flex or Nicki in the message, the timing of it is rather coincidental if it isn’t aimed at them.

Check out Cardi’s sarcastic response (below)



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