Future’s “Save Me” Production Credits

Future’s “Save Me” Production CreditsFuture’s “Save Me” Production Credits


Future’s “Save Me” Production Credits: Future’s second release of the year has officially been delivered, and fans are already letting their feelings be known. As per usual, the public’s response is largely divided, but all signs point to Save Me doing strong numbers across the board. Now, the production credits have officially be unveiled, though liner notes have sadly become a thing of the past.


Although brief in scale, Save Me was brought to life through the combined musical talents of Bobby Raps, Kyle Nelson, Will Yanez, Fuse, K-Major, Richie Souf, Detail, Seth Firkins (RIP), Fxxxxy, and Dre Moon. For the most part, each track was created in a highly collaborative fashion, as many albums are in this day and age. Though Future is credited as a lyricist on every song, he’s often joined by a small writing team, including a variety of different songwriters; for some context, “Extra” features seven credited lyricists, including Future himself.

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Check out the full credits below, transcribed via HHNM and shared via Tidal:

1) “XanaX Damage”
Prod. by Bobby Raps, Kyle Nelson and Will Yanez
Kyle Nelson
Nayvadius Wilburn
Robert John Richardson
William Eduardo Yanez

2) “St. Lucia”
Prod. by Fuse and K-Major
Eduardo Earle
Kendricke Brown
Nayvadius Wilburn

3) “Please Tell Me”
Prod. by Richie Souf
Nayvadius Wilburn
Tony Son

4) “Shotgun”
Prod. by Detail and Seth Firkins
Nayvadius Wilburn
Noel Fisher

5) “Government Official”
Prod. by Fxxxxy
Maudell Watkins
Nayvadius Wilburn

6) “Extra”
Prod. by Fxxxxy G Ry
Amber Olivier
Atupele Ndisale
Christopher Wood
David Patino
Maudell Watkins
Nayvadius Wilburn
Ryan Martínez

7) “Love Thy Enemies”
Prod. by Dre Moon
Andre Eric Proctor
Nayvadius Wilburn

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