I Dance, But I Also Think As Well – Senator Adeleke


I Dance, But I Also Think As Well – Senator Adeleke

When be asked why he like dancing at events and even in churches, he said:

Don’t you also dance in church and when you have joyous occasions? Well, I dance because I am happy and grateful to God.

I am not a pretentious person but the dancing aspect is just a minor aspect of me. I am a deep thinker and solution-finder. For example, in one of my recent visits to one of the local governments in my senatorial district, I came into contact with a group of retirees who said they had always wanted to meet with me because I always exude joy and confidence.

These were senior citizens who needed encouragement in their difficult situation occasioned by the failure of the APC government in Osun State.

Of course I spent quality time with them and shared some of the resources God has given to me to make them even happier. That to me is the essence of life.


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