Kim Kardashian blasts Kanye's business partner in series of angry tweets


As of late, Kim Kardashian has turned into the ruler of executioner rebounds as she slaps any individual who assaults her family online down.

This time it was the turn of Rhymefest to feel the brunt of Kim’s huge Twitter following as she posted a series of tweets protecting her better half after Kanye’s partner blamed him for abandoning his charity.

Kanye helped to establish the non-benefit association Donda’s House, a charity to help the adolescent of Chicago, with Rhymefest in 2011 after his mom’s passing, be that as it may, his accomplice (genuine name Che Smith) is currently blaming the rapper for deserting the charity.

Smith took to Twitter to blame Kanye for playing Judas on the charity, asserting that the rapper said “fuck the young of Chicago”.

He likewise appeared to look for assistance from Drake to help support the charity.

Notwithstanding, Kim wasn’t letting Smith away with his allegations gently and she immediately shot him on Twitter in an irate string of tweets.

In the hours after Kim’s posts, the Donda’s House released a statement saying that they would no longer go by the name of Donda’s House.


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