National Open University of Nigeria fees and courses in 2018


Are you planning to go to NOUN? It is perfect time to learn about National Open University of Nigeria courses and fees for 2018. How much money will you have to save to pay for your studies? What disciplines can you study here? Let us discuss this higher educational institution and its fees.

The university has an official website, which you should visit before applying to NOUN. It contains all useful information for current and future students, for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

You can find a full list of faculties you can apply to, programs, distant courses, application guides, etc. We have surfed through the whole NOUN site and are eager to share information on National Open University of Nigeria courses offered and NOUN school fees for 2018.

National Open University school fees
NOUN school fees are separate for students who apply for undergraduate programs, postgraduate courses, new and returning scholars, etc.

Undergraduate fees for new students
6,000 Naira – registration cost
3,500 Naira – so-called caution deposit
1,500 Naira – orientation price
1,500 Naira – matriculation price
3,000 Naira – library fee
500 Naira – price for student ID card
4,000 Naira – electronic facilitation cost
5,000 Naira – ICT administration charge
6,000 Naira – price for JAMB regularization procedure
5,000 Naira – cost for results and verification
This totals 36,000 Naira for newly admitted undergraduate students.

Undergraduate fees for returning NOUN students
6,000 Naira – price for registration
4,000 Naira – price for e-facilitation
3,000 Naira – cost for using the university library
5,000 Naira – ICT administration price
This totals 18,000 Naira for returning students.

Postgraduate fees for new students
6,000 Naira – fee for registration at NOUN
1,500 Naira – orientation price
3,500 Naira – caution deposit
1,500 Naira – price for matriculation
500 Naira – student ID card
5,000 Naira – ICT administrative price
3,000 Naira – cost for using the library
4,000 Naira – the price for e-facilitation
10,000 Naira – cost for verifying results
This makes a total of 35,000 Naira.

Postgraduate fees returning NOUN students
6,000 Naira – price for registering a student
3,000 Naira – cost for using the university library
4,000 Naira – price for e-facilitation
5,000 Naira – ICT administrative charge
This totals 18,000 Naira for returning scholars who have chosen postgraduate courses.

There are also additional fees NOUN students should consider:

15,000 Naira – the price for undergraduate projects
40,000 Naira – the cost of Master’s projects
25,000 Naira – the price for a postgraduate diploma
1,000 Naira – cost per each course’s examination for undergraduate students
2,000 Naira – price per each course’s exam for all postgraduates (both Master’s and PGD)

NOUN courses
There are many interesting programs and courses offered by National Open University of Nigeria. Some of them are available for postgraduates, others are offered at first degree level only. The 9 faculties are always happy to accept new students from all over the country. Here is what you can choose to study at NOUN in 2018:

Faculty of Agricultural Science
Agriculture extension and management
Crop production
Rural development
Fisheries and aquaculture
Animal science
Soil and land resources management
Faculty of Arts
English language
French language
Religious studies (Islamic or Christian)
Faculty of Education
Science education
Educational technology
Mathematical education
Counseling and guidance
Administration and planning
Primary education
Business education
Agriculture science
Early childhood education
Integrated science
Faculty of Access and General Studies
Access and general studies

Faculty of Health Sciences
Environmental health
Public health
Faculty of Management Sciences
Finance and banking
Public administration
Business administration
Financial management
Rural and cooperative development
Faculty of Sciences
Information technology
Computer science and mathematics
Social Science
Tourism studies
Mass communications
Political science
Conflict resolution
Peace Studies
In 2018, NOUN cannot offer all courses. Its website shows ‘admission suspended’ message next to law, legislative drafting, HIV/AIDS, nursing science (bachelor degree), hotel and catering management, international and diplomatic studies, data management, and financial management (PGD) programs.

That’s it. You have got acquainted with the main NOUN courses for 2018 and most recent school fees at National Open University of Nigeria.



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