PLEASE HELP: I Can’t Sleep Well, My Mind Is Not At Rest, After I Had Sex With A Lady


I Can’t Sleep Well, My Mind Is Not At Rest, After I Had Sex With A Lady

Dear Dan,

It all started with malaria two weeks ago and i used Lonart, i was relieved for some period and i started feeling feverish again.

I ran a test and it confirmed Malaria is still positive, and the doctor prescribed P alaxin, i used it but i started feeling restless and uncomfortable since saturday, i have not been Sleeping well, even in my short sleep i have nightmares.

I started using Piriton two days ago but i have not been feeling alright, my mind is so heavy and my heart beats so fast, i can’t just sleep. I have tried to calm myself down and my friends also have spoken to me but it has not
been working and i just don’t know what to do.

IN ADDITION: I’m a pastor’s child and similar thing happened to me last year, i was so sick that i could not sleep for days, i remember i prayed and promised God never to have any intercourse with any woman till i marry if i can be healed and start having a good sleep. But the fact remains i’m not a wayward child and the last time I had sex prior to that prayer was 2015.

But two weeks ago, i was tempted and i could not resist the urge and i had sex with a lady but the sickness has already began prior to the sex but it has not Metamorphosized to sleeplessness and restlessness.

I have asked God for forgiveness and i sincerely promise him never to do such again and i’m ready to stand by it this time. I knelt on the alter after Sunday service to make the vow.

But i’m scared maybe God is punishing me for breaking my vow with him the first time and he wants me to confess to my parents that are pastors.

Please i need reasonable advise, i’m so scared to sleep whenever i wants to, my eyes are so red as i’m typing now due to lack of sleep. And which medicine can i talk or what can i do to put my mind at rest. Thanks Friends.

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