Cruzvibes Story Time: Tears Inbetween My Legs.

Story: Tears Inbetween My Legs [Episode1}

Cruzvibes Story Time

Tears Inbetween My Legs [Episode1}

My name is Champagne, OH I know you are wondering how a person can be named after a drink.
😂 lol… Anyways, I really can’t tell what my parents were thinking when they named me, but I have
different versions of how I think I got my name, My favorite one is that my father took a sip of champagne and was like, “oh champagne, little princess from today you will be called champagne!
My little Cham you are as sparkling as the drink.” Lol hahaha … that would really be epic don’t you think?
Well back to reality, I guess the name worked, because  I turned out to be very beautiful, I am not joking or praising myself. I’m not narcissist .I shone in every aspect of my life,  I was an only child, the apple of my parents eyes… whether you like it or not, I turned out to be the best and the best I was till my parents died.
If I think of the past, I tend to wonder what I would have been if my parents were alive.
My name is Champagne and this is my story.

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