Story Time: Tears inbetween My legs Episode 2 -

Story Time: Tears inbetween My legs Episode 2

Tears inbetween My legs Episode2

Cruzvibes Brings the second Episode of tears inbetween my legs as promised.


When Aunty Chuchu said I should come and live with her, I was so happy, Aunty Chuchu is my Mothers best friend . She is a pretty spinster whose smile scares hatred away. Mother told me that she lost her fiance Two days to their wedding. It was on a Thursday evening, Aunty Chuchu was stranded at a lonely road. Mom told Him to go and pick her with my daddy’s car, since his own car was at the mechanic and aunty chuchu was with my moms car. My mom totally forgot that my dad’s car have issues with braking. Aunty Chuchu’s fiance took the car, got into an accident due to a rough driving by the drunk Man. The accident caused his instant death. My parents were devastated, my Mom kept blaming herself atleast for what she didn’t bargain for. Aunty Chuchu swore never to get involved with anyone again neither will she mingle. She put all her time, energy and emotions into building a multi million dollar Empire .
So when Aunty Chuchu promised Uncle Emeka( my mothers younger brother) that she will send me to school at America. I was so happy. Me champagne in America, could this be a dream? But thank God it’s not. I called all my friends and told them that I was going to America. They envied me though, but still they were happy for me. They said I was lucky.
I laughed and agreed with them. How wrong I was (sighs) lucky my ass ,I was the most unfortunate person on planet earth. No I won’t cry Am okay.
When we Got to Aunty Chuchu’s Mansion ,Oh my gosh! It looks like Aso Rock villa,The house looks so big and beautiful ,I was beyond excited I was running mad with excitement . When aunty chuchu showed me my room, I almost fainted, you needed to see this room, It was very big for starters, Had this large bed fit for royalty, in fact the room was a typical replica of a room for a princess. Only the painting and the smooth sliver colour tiles with mirror every where will not let you know whether you are outside or inside. I felt like a princess and I told Aunty Chuchu how I felt, she laughed and told me that yes am a princess. And that from now on everything about me will stink of royalty. I was overwhelmed with emotions and I hugged her with tears of joy chasing each other down my face. I promised her that when I get to America that I would read my books and come out with flying colors. I also went ahead to tell her that I will work so hard that everyone in America will not say anything without the name Champagne on their lips. Aunty Chuchu smiled then told me that she knew that I was a fast learner that it’s the reason why she brought me to her house, that I should freshen up, while she will rush to the kitchen so as to prepare dinner. Immediately she left I rushed to take my bath. After taking my bath I applied dusting powder on my face and neck. Then I decided to go and help her in the kitchen. On getting to the door, I was finding it difficult to open it. Then I realized that it was locked from outside . I became confused ,why would Aunty Chuchu lock me in. I threw my insecurities aside and concluded that since Aunty Chuchu was a nice person that she wouldn’t lock me in on purpose.
My second mistake. I still can’t believe that I was that stupid, my mom always said I was observant and intelligent ,,I also remembered my dad telling me not to trust anyone but myself. But here I was being so trusting and stupid. Just that this time, my stupidity caused me everything.
I took a book from the shelves and started reading, I fell asleep and woke up to a harsh reality. I never dreamt of such from her.
I champagne

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To be continued next week………

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