Story time: Tears inbetween my legs [episode 3]

Story time: Tears inbetween my legs [episode 3]

Episode 3

If anybody told me that my life was going to be this way, I wouldn’t have believed them. Aunty Chuchu is a snake, more deadly than a cobra’ venom. When I woke up that faithful morning, I saw a dress fit for a child, because the dress didn’t really look like my size, I saw a note from Aunty Chuchu informing me to wear the dress and look nice. I was happy, I smiled, so finally, I am going to America. I rushed to take my bath, after which I tried on the strange dress, it was a half cut gown with a half cut design. The gown was short and very tight . I was uncomfortable in it, but when I remembered that today was the day I Champagne will go to America, I was giddy with Excitement. I convinced my mind that if this is how am going to dress just to go to America, then I will keep dressing like this for the rest of my life.

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I even wished she would bring more and more of the half cut dress, celebrating my ignorance. How naïve and stupid I was. Although, my wish was granted, I wore the dress for the next horrible years of my life. Infact Aunty Chuchu never provided another dress for me. She made me lie naked on the bed so that those, those oh God, I don’t want to cry. Lets go back to the story.After dressing up ,I went to open the door and found it lock again, I became suspicious and edgy, because there was no more excuses in my head, I just couldn’t understand why she should lock me in, like why?

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I Did nothing wrong,or did I? Maybe because I got up early I tried to decieve my self with that, but my mind wasn’t going through with it, I ended up being frustrated and I started pacing around the room.
Finally I decided to read a book,To calm my nerves. In the process of reading the book the door opened, Aunty Chuchu came in with a plate of delicious looking Rice, I struggled to walk towards her and hug her, she told me to eat very fast that a special friend of hers is coming to see me, that I should treat him well. I was like who is this special friend of hers that I have never seen. She said I shouldn’t bother with questions, that I should just make him feel alright. I was confused, I told her that I had nothing in the room to entertain him with and she smiled and was like, you need music. So you dance oh my God Alahaji would be so happy, wow I found a gem in you Cham. I became confused the more I requested to know who the Alahaji is, she just laughed that am going to meet someone who is funding my trip to America. That I should do everything possible to make the man love me so he can donate more money, that is not like she can’t finance the trip for me oh, just that she wants me to get a taste of how she gets her wealth. She ended the entire speech with Champagne My love, I don’t want to give you fish, I want to teach you how to fish. I was so happy, (In pidgin) Mumu like me, like my Mumu was legendary. With excitement I hugged her that I will dance for her Alahaji that I was going to make him love me.
How else can you describe my stupidity? Well just a mere dance!

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