Tiny & T.I. Battling It Out Over Baby Heiress — Why They’re ‘At Odds’ Over The Adorable Tot

Tiny & T.I. Battling It Out Over Baby Heiress — Why They’re ‘At Odds’ Over The Adorable Tot

T.I. and Tiny are in another fight, and this time, it’s about baby Heiress! We have the exclusive details on why they’re embroiled in another family feud.

It’s up and down with these two! Just when things settled down after T.I. and Tiny‘s last fight, they’re duking it out again. They’re in disagreement over how to raise their two-year-old daughter, Heiress Harris. It’s simple. Tiny’s fans have started to notice how adorable Heiress is, and they want to see more of her on TV, a source close to Tiny told CRUZVIBES.Tiny is starting to consider it because Heiress loves to perform. She’s a natural! Tiny can see how much Heiress loves the spotlight so she feels there’s no harm in nurturing that.”

Totally. Here’s the problem: T.I. does not want his daughter in front of the camera, and now he and Tiny are going head-to-head on this! “Tip has a totally different view. He’s not ready for his baby to be in the spotlight so he’s put his foot down hard on this one,” the source told us. Another problem, at least for Tip: “Tiny doesn’t back down easily when she wants something so she’s pushing back. They’re very much at odds over this. For now, Tip is winning but Tiny usually gets her way in the end.”

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These two are so hot and cold. They just recovered from another fiery feud, when Tiny publicly disagreed with her husband over an issue he’s passionate about. Tip’s advocating for a Houston restaurant to shut down after an incident with a black customer that he believes was instigated because of her race. Tiny told TMZ that she doesn’t think the restaurant should close! Cue an epic fight. “A lot of people were talking about how she dissed him and he took it very personally and had a lot of words for Tiny,” a source told CRUZVIBES. “Tip is so passionate about this cause, things can easily get intense. And Tiny is a firecracker, once she gets defensive she digs her heels in.” Hopefully, this current fight will cool down soon!


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